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LAUNCH the Congressional Hearings Initiative (CHI) NOETIC SCIENCE EXPERIMENT
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Please send love to raise knowledge:

Let’s have the courage to express our truth instead of just wishing for it. Every one of us has a sphere of influence. Having the courage to express our truth, no matter what that may be, has a great power to effect change in the material world. There are thousands of examples of this.

From the IONS website founded by Dr. Edgar Mitchell : The term noetic sciences was first coined in 1973 when the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) was founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who two years earlier became the sixth man to walk on the moon. Ironically, it was the trip back home that Mitchell recalls most, during which he felt a profound sense of universal connectedness—what he later described as a samadhi experience. In Mitchell’s own words, “The presence of divinity became almost palpable, and I knew that life in the universe was not just an accident based on random processes. . . .The knowledge came to me directly.”

What Are Noetic Sciences?

We will perform a noetic science experiment aimed at enlarging worldview transformation. This will be a lot of fun because it is a simple way to extend human capacities by pushing the boundaries of what we understand about consciousness.

Our goal? We will join our collective consciousness together asking for all obstacles for the launch of the Congressional Hearings Initiative http://ParadigmResearchGroup.org be removed now. This includes karma, lack of knowledge, blocks by military, intelligence, commercial, secret space or other factions, lack of funds, http://paradigmresearchgroup.org/main.html DVD production and distribution and any other imaginable obstacle. We will simply send love, collectively, to the situation and be prepared to watch the CHI unfold before our eyes. I invite you to consider making this your world service, your seva, everyday between now and the first day of launch. I know as we join together in this project of raising consciousness together it will be a few short days. It will take only moments a day.

To join in the LAUNCH CHI NOETIC EXPERIMENT please first create an account at http://TheEarthCollective.com We will utilize this most excellent website to measure our success.
1. Go to http://TheEarthCollective.com
At the top right Register to use the website. You may Register with one click using Facebook or Google OR you will be asked for your email and create a password. Now you are ready to join in the experiment.

2. Scroll down to the Current Activities and find LAUNCH CHI NOETIC EXPERIMENT

3. At the top right click on the GIVE button. A pop-up comes up and you will click and hold the plus image and hold it as long as you can. As you do this send love energy to the CHI Launch removal of all obstacles. Imagine this in your mind in any way you like. If you are holding a device you may do other things while you depress and hold the image button. Your ‘nickname’ will be displayed and the amount of points you sent to the Activity will be posted for all to see.

That’s it. The results will show on the front page of http://TheEarthCollective.com and will be noted at Washington, D.C. on the map. You can check in each day to see the progress and how much we were all able to effect change within our sphere of influence. Please forward this Event on Facebook to all your friends and send this note to your email list. Please raise awareness on your radio programs, your blogs and with your clients. We Deserve To Know The Truth. “Its no longer about lights in the sky, its about lies on the ground” ~Stephen Bassett, Executive Director, Paradigm Research Group, Producer of The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and Producer of Truth Embargo, the movie. Please donate today and continue to contribute until we see completion. If you are able to open your check book and write one check for $20,000 for this final push, I beseech you do it now. It is a great honor to do so and does not go unnoticed. Thank you for this. There is no issue more important to me than this. With #FullGalacticDisclosure we solve all the other issues which currently hold us to ignorance including world war and mass starvation. Please find more information here http://ElizabethTrutwin.org

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